Q&A – SPARXY [Bacon Dubs]

It’s time again for a new Shadowdub Q&A session. To prefigure the FatKidOnFire x Shadowdub special we forwarded some questions to one of our guests of the night at Subland.

Introduce yourself?
Ez! My name’s Matt, otherwise known as Sparxy. I’m a dubstep/bass music producer from Portsmouth UK. I’m also founder of Bacon Dubs, an independent record label specialising in deep, dark and dangerous bass music.

Describe your sound in 3 sentences
Hmmmm, not an easy one to answer! Weighty, dark and angry are 3 words that spring to mind. I’m massively influenced by DnB and a raver at heart, so when I’m building tunes I’ve always got the dancefloor in mind.

What’s your essential tool in the studio?
Would have to be my set of Fabfilter plugins. I use them on everything! They are immense.

What’s the best advice that you’ve been told for music production?
Continually push forward and evolve your sounds and techniques. Finish your tunes, but move on quickly and learn from them. Always look to gain knowledge from your work and use that knowledge in your next tune. It’s all about improving yourself and learning as much as you can. Don’t get hung up trying to make one tune sound perfect… push forward all the time!

What do you think about terms like brostep, dungeon and so on?
I think they’re a bit silly to be honest. It’s all just bass music at the end of the day. I remember when DJs used to play a bit of everything. Back in the day Andy C would come on and smash out a set full of deep bits, dark bits and dancefloor bits and everything in between, all in one set. No one seems to do that anymore in any genre really. People are keen to pigeonhole things into a particular sub-genre or sound. It’s counter-productive in my opinion.

What’s your connection to Shadowdub?
I’ll be playing at Shadowdub’s “FatKidOnFire” takeover in Berlin on 1st June and I can’t wait!!

Longdrinks or shots?
Long drinks for sure. Can’t beat a nice rum and coke! That said I am always partial to a shot of Tequila

Tell us about your plans for the future?
Keep pushing the sounds I love by making fresh tunes and putting out new material from myself and other producers on my Bacon Dubs imprint. We are aiming to be putting out vinyl by the end of 2013 which we are very excited about. We’ve also got our first label event in Portsmouth on 3rd May, and you can expect to see more Bacon Dubs events in the future in the UK and beyond!

Some last words?
Bigup to anyone who’s supported me or Bacon Dubs over the years and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings us. Big shouts to all the Bacon Dubs family – you guys are sick.


Posted by shadowforces — 01.05.2013

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