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audenthik shadowdub dubstep producer berlinAudhentik is a Producer, Sound Designer and DJ living in Berlin. Ensuing from his roots, Hip Hop, he started to produce his first dubstep experiments back in 2009, plus a lot of other genres like Drum&Bass, Garage and House.He also released tracks on various independent labels and had a first major release. Mostly Audhentik produces on his own but he also has got some projects with singers and other producers running and has done a quite of few remixes for a couple of well-known artists.

Among his passion for producing he also loves to play out tunes live which he did as a resident in his hometown for a while and some other locations in germany and austria.

His sound is moving from dark, deep and minimal material with dubby vibes and dense atmosphere to experimental stuff with a lot of musical influences and a heavy portion of sub bass.

Words: Artist own.

Posted by shadowforces — 11.03.2011

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