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DEMON – Ricochet / Haunt me – [SHFRC008]

Demon delivering some 170 bangers that leave you wanting more. Heavy tracks with trademark sound to tear up the dance.

Ricochet is on similar type of vibe. Film samples moving with a catchy deep filtered synth as the hook for the intro. The drop punches in with a almost Micheal Jackson like snare from the 80s accompanied with crazy synth work at the 8s & 16s.

Haunt me starts off in typical Demon style, minimal, eerie with real heavily granulised intro. Strange vocals popping in and out of the mix until it goes real still for the drop. A deep half time flow, tight edits and punchy kick drum keep this groove going. Then the synth work poking in and out really sets the mood on this one.

Posted by shadowforces — 15.09.2014

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