Species – Spacewalker [SHFRC010]

The Spacewalker Album is a collection of diverse productions by Species and featuring artists like Infra, Karsten Pflum and Clerk. It’s a stunning journey across different tempos and atmospheres in true Species fashion. Ranging from straight Techno, Dubstep to uptempo Breaks and Drum&Bass.


Barom – Questions EP – [SHDUB005]

Barom makes his debut on Shadowdub with five intriguing tunes filled with detail and depth. More

Audhentik – Troof / Witjas / Troof VIP – [SHDUB004]

Shadowdub’s latest addition to the roster is Berlin’s AUDHENTIK. His 3 track single is a journey in into the abysmal depths of contemporary bass music. Dubbed out eerie vibes meet razorsharp sounds and a wall of bass. More

Q&A – DEMON [M.U.D.]

As a regular feature in our release schedule we present you our current Q&A Session with: DEMON. Head honcho of M.U.D. / M.U.V., skilled producer and good bloke. He handed us two minimalistc bangers that will do damage on the dancefloor. That’s it with the introduction let’s get it on…

How did you link up with Shadowforces?

I first linked with Shadowforces when my friend Oli (Species) booked me to dj in Berlin at Subland. I’ve been back there a few times since.. that club is fantastic.

How would you describe your sound to someone who never heard bass music in general?

My sound is aggravated… industrial… dance floor orientated… and quite dark and moody.

The best advice on production you’ve been ever given?

The best advise i was given is not to be scared to push boundaries and not to pigeon hole yourself and do whatever stimulates the mind. Be free in your creativity.

What are your thoughts on music piracy and how does it affect you as label owner & artist?
Music piracy is going to happen whether we like it or not. i’ll be honest i don’t lose no sleep over it. i have more important things to put my energy into with music… so rather than hate on it i actually think its quite cool. its free promo and the people who download it illegally probably wouldn’t buy it anyway for one reason or another so it makes no difference to me. And its nice that people like the music that much that they will go to such lengths to get it out there. my only thing is don’t rub it in the artists or labels face or try and get them to help you promote it on social networks etc… because that has happened and i think thats going a bit too far with it .. just leave it under cover and put it down to doing it for those who have no money but still want to enjoy music

What was the best venue/party/festival you ever played?

I have been blessed enough to play some amazing gigs over my career. my u.s tours were un real no doubt. but in europe i would have to say the M.U.D takeover in lithuania for the soundboys crew last year was a standout for me. the club, system & vibe were just majestic. they know how to party.

Your opinion on the scene and the development of diversification of dubstep into a bunch of subgenres?

Sub genres are inevitable in any genre. created by artists who get bored of hearing the same recycled material over and over again. i think its essential for growth in any genre or scene. and if people get upset on how a genre is ruined then thats just ignorance. ignorance towards accepting change and moving forward. now im excluding bro step from this. bro step did kind of screw up dubstep for while. but now its all sorted itself out its not really a issue. and looking back on it it opened up different doors for your more deeper dubstep sounding artists. and there ain’t no artist out there that can deny that regardless how much they hate on it.

Any last words and shouts?

ye hold tight steve aoki. ive still got that lolly pop you tried to assault me with at your last rave. p.s. i still have all your power leads for your dj equipment in dreads boot from that gig way back when. god knows how you wired up your cdjs & serato all this time without it… oh wait… …… x

Find out more about is his latest release on Shadowforces here.

DEMON – Ricochet / Haunt me – [SHFRC008]

Demon delivering some 170 bangers that leave you wanting more. Heavy tracks with trademark sound to tear up the dance. More

Clerk – Clerkwerk Ep – [SHDUB003]

„This first solo release on the 140bpm bass tip is accompanied by solid remixes by Sparxy (Bacon Dubs) and Twisted & Rakoon (Paradise Lost / Tsunami Audio / Wheel & Deal). It’s a darkside techy affair with Clerk’s personal stamp burned deeply into its structure, delivering complete blasphemy on impact. More

Cirrus – Blood / Evasive – [SHFRC007]

CIRRUS residing in Boston, MA. USA, delivers two fresh Drum&Bass steppers with his trademark sounddesign and precise arrangements. See his track by track description below. More

Q&A – CIRRUS [Terra Null Rec.]

cirrus drum&bass producer interview shadowforces label berlin germanyThe next Q&A session is set to go – this time with CIRRUS. More

Visor / Species & Kit Curse – Prometheus Series Part 3 – [SHFRC006C]

The final chapter of our PROMETHEUS SERIES is here. This time with Visor and a collaboration by Shadowforces Head Honcho Species and our Badman from Munich: Kit Curse. More

CLERK – Vultures x FatKidOnFire – Free Download

FatKidOnFire’s 666th upload to their Soundcloud page was provided by our very own CLERK. Read the full FKOF review here. You can download the tune via Soundcloud or Mediafire. Many Thanks for the support so far. Extra special Thanks go out to Wil & Olaf at FatKidOnFire.

Visor / Kit Curse – Prometheus Series Part 2 – [SHFRC006B]

Here we go with the second part of our PROMETHEUS SERIES with Visor and Kit Curse on the buttons. More

Collapsed Reality vs Shadowdub VIP – Drum&Bass / Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 29.12.2013

291213_FIERCE_SHADOWDUB_VIP_WEBThe Collapsed Reality boys have Quarantine Head Honcho and influential Dj & Producer FIERCE from London / UK in the house on the Main Floor of Berlin’s finest Subland along the local heros. More