Shadowdub presents DUBTEK – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 24.08.2012























DUBTEK @ Subland

Shadowdub presents KRYPTIC MINDS & BIOME – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 27.07.2012



























KRYPTIC MINDS & BIOME – step up and go deep with us.

Shadowdub & Dub der guten Hoffnung present SLEEPER – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 25.05.2012

This time around we take a journey on the shadow side of dubstep – announcing a wicked collaboration of
Shadowdub – DubDerGutenHoffnung – Kissmybass & Suckmykickpresenting the very first show inna Germany of SLEEPER (Chestplate / UK)

Shadowdub presents CURRENT VALUE – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 28.04.2012

CURRENT VALUE blastin the main floor at subland – nothing more to say.

INFRA – Station 403 EP – [SHDUB002]

INFRA – Station 403 EP out now digital. Releasedate: 23.04.2012. Featuring appearance by Species. More

Shadowdub presents INFRA – Station 403 E.P. Release – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 24.03.2012




















Shadowdub presents INFRA – Station 403 E.P.  – Release Party

We celebrate our second release on Shadowdub – INFRA – Station 403 E.P. Come down into the Subland dungeon and feel the pressure.


Shadowdub presents BIOME – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 17.02.2012




















Shadowdub presents BIOME

DJ/Producer Biome is know for deep bassheavy beats  with a proper sense of darkness. Recent tunes like Propaganda speak for itself. This is going to be a heavyweight night!


Shadowdub / eDNA Diplom Special – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 18.11.2011

eDNA: Aufgrund eines schier unglaublichen Ereignisses, nämlich die Erlangung eines akademischen Grades meinerseits, wird diese Shadowdub mal zur Abwechslung von mir gehostet. More

Shadowdub presents Dj Madd – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 10.09.2011























Shadowdub Dubstep clubnight at Subland /// 10.09.2011.

Special guest of the night is DJ MADD  (Black Box / Osiris Music / Wheel&Deal / Boka) from Bristol, UK More

SPECIES – Poltergeist Drum&Bass Mix

Hey Fellas,

feel free to check the lates Drum&Bass mix by Species. There’s a lot of classic tunes in there. More


Species aka Oliver Donath started his musical career in the year 1996 with his love to a Vestax pmc05 pro 2 mixer and the Technics turntables. More


INFRAINFRA is a Bass Music Producer, Sound Designer, DJ and Promoter living in Berlin. More