Species – Distance Operation – Remixes – [SHFRC005]

Releasedate: 23.01.2012. Featuring Remixes by BMON9000, CLERK, E-DNA, INFRA, SPECIES and VISOR & KIT CURSE. More

Shadowdub presents J:KENZO – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 16.12.2011
















Shadowdub presents J:KENZO

DJ/Producer J:Kenzo is sought after player within the Dubstep scene. Dub Dread Vibes with echoes of Jungle and Techno reflect in both his Productions and DJ Sets, which are built to test the toughest of Soundsystems and rock the hardest of dancefloors.  J:Kenzo takes pride in his DJ sets with a heavyweight selection applying seemless blending and double drop mixing.


Shadowdub / eDNA Diplom Special – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 18.11.2011

eDNA: Aufgrund eines schier unglaublichen Ereignisses, nämlich die Erlangung eines akademischen Grades meinerseits, wird diese Shadowdub mal zur Abwechslung von mir gehostet. More

Shadowdub presents Dj Madd – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 10.09.2011























Shadowdub Dubstep clubnight at Subland /// 10.09.2011.

Special guest of the night is DJ MADD  (Black Box / Osiris Music / Wheel&Deal / Boka) from Bristol, UK More

SPECIES – Poltergeist Drum&Bass Mix

Hey Fellas,

feel free to check the lates Drum&Bass mix by Species. There’s a lot of classic tunes in there. More

Shadowdub presents Brainpain – Dubstep Party at Subland / Berlin – 05.08.2011























Shadowdub Dubstep clubnight at Subland /// 05.08.2011.

Special guest of the night is BRAINPAIN (Dubsaw) from Warszaw, Poland



Species aka Oliver Donath started his musical career in the year 1996 with his love to a Vestax pmc05 pro 2 mixer and the Technics turntables. More


INFRAINFRA is a Bass Music Producer, Sound Designer, DJ and Promoter living in Berlin. More


clerk shadowforces drum&bassClerk runs the label along with Species, and is responsible for the visual side of Shadowforces. More


audenthik shadowdub dubstep producer berlinAudhentik is a Producer, Sound Designer and DJ living in Berlin. Ensuing from his roots, Hip Hop, he started to produce his first dubstep experiments back in 2009, plus a lot of other genres like Drum&Bass, Garage and House.He also released tracks on various independent labels and had a first major release. Mostly Audhentik produces on his own but he also has got some projects with singers and other producers running and has done a quite of few remixes for a couple of well-known artists.

Among his passion for producing he also loves to play out tunes live which he did as a resident in his hometown for a while and some other locations in germany and austria.

His sound is moving from dark, deep and minimal material with dubby vibes and dense atmosphere to experimental stuff with a lot of musical influences and a heavy portion of sub bass.

Words: Artist own.


Nilow is a Dubstep/Drum n Bass Dj and Producer from Berlin/Germany More

Clerk – Cnorxys / Shem – Cripwalk – Nilow Remix [SHDUB001]

Clerk & Nilow present the first impact of Shadowforces sister label Shadowdub. More