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Cirrus – Blood / Evasive – [SHFRC007]

CIRRUS residing in Boston, MA. USA, delivers two fresh Drum&Bass steppers with his trademark sounddesign and precise arrangements. See his track by track description below.

„I never start out with a set idea of what I want a tune to sound like, I prefer to let the idea evolve naturally based on experimentation. In that way, „Blood“ came about fairly quickly and organically. I’m all about sci-fi textures and if you listen closely there are a lot of sounds that to me represent alien life strewn throughout the track. I’m pretty sure that’s why the voice in the track is so scared haha.“

„Evasive“ came about through a lot more trial and error experimenting with various rhythms and percussion patterns. Quick and erratic movement quickly became the central theme of the track the more I experimented. In the end I like how the tracks contrast with one another, especially in terms of the percussion. Blood is very straight and serious business while evasive keeps you on your toes and has a lighter atmosphere to it.“

Posted by shadowforces — 28.05.2014

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