Nilow is a Dubstep/Drum n Bass Dj and Producer from Berlin/Germany… in the age of 17 he start playing Bass in some Garage Bands with Punk and Hardcore..Furthermore he tryed to play Drums. One time he get his first musik program and start to make beats and try make his first tracks. What Nilow Love is the sounds of deep and massive Basses..
In the year 2000 he came in contact with Drum n Bass.. and at the first moment he loved this massive sounds and starting to search for more music with deep and dirty basslines until he came in contact with DUBSTEP, and in 2007 he started to spin Turntables and make his first own productions..
After running a monthly Drum n Bass Party called BassFieber in Berlin he and his mate Barry T. decided to found her own label BF-Recordings it is a mixed Dubstep and Drum & Bass label and started in the beginnin of 2009. The Sound from Nilow is experimental – a mix of melodic strings and heavy Basslines. He Produce many kinds of Dubstep.

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Posted by shadowforces — 12.02.2011

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